Ministers at First Church

The Reverend Randy Mitchell
Senior Pastor  
Reverend Mitchell can be reached via email at

The Reverend Susan Southall
 Minister of Discipleship.   
Reverend Southall can be reached via email at

Worship Team

Dr. Thom Whitaker
Director of Worship/Organist
(580) 237-2041  x108
Douglas Newell
Director of Chancel Choir
Gary Kowalski
Audio/Visual Team Leader
(580) 237-2041  x109

Ministry Team 

Mary Miller
Director of Care Ministries
(580) 237-2041  x102

Lori Markes
Director of Children's Education
(580) 237-2041  x103

Gwen Price
Director of Early Childhood/Nursery
Leslie Klamm
Director of Family Ministries
(580) 237-2041  x120


Administrative Team

Vicki Jeffery
Business Administrator
(580) 237-2041  x105

Kevin Jacobi
Building Superintendent
(580) 237-2041  x116
Katelyn Palisch
(580) 237-2041  x101

Keith Fautheree
Weekday Custodian
Patti Matthews
Membership Secretary
(580) 237-2041  x107

Phillip Whitaker
Sunday Custodian